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Desmet Studios is situated in a charming art deco building in the Plantage area of Amsterdam. We are a fun and easy-access radio and TV studio.

We are home to various radio and TV shows but also offer options for online TV, video, podcasts, events, showcases, album releases et cetera. Besides various studios for television broadcasting, webinar recording and broadcasting and audio studios, we also have our very own studiocafe. Combining our largest studio with this studiocafe makes Desmet Studios the perfect location for a variety of events.

We value our professional attitude, hospitality and flexibility. At Desmet Studios, we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our team

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A little bit of history

Our logo shows the year 1879, the year when the Frascati theatre opened its doors as ‘summer theatre’. During WOI the theatre was poorly maintained and became vacant. In 1930 the theatre was remodeled and reopened under the name ‘Rika Hopper Theatre’. After a bankruptcy the name changed to Beatrix Theatre in 1938. From September 1941 onwards, only Jews were allowed to visit, and the theatre was named ‘Theatre Of Laughter’. In the spring of 1942, the theatre was closed. After a closure of two years, a new name appeared again and in 1944 the Hortus Theatre opened its doors. The name Desmet has been in use (first as a movie theatre) since 1946 after Theo Desmet bought the venue and named it after his uncle, the famous film distributor and pioneer Jean Desmet.

In 2001, the Desmet Studios as we now know it was officially opened and since then, many radio shows, television shows, and live broadcasts have taken place.